Choosing a Document Translation Service Provider

It could not be denied that the language barrier is one of the main challenges of business entities. This is particularly true for those firms who do business globally. As a business owner or a business decision maker, you should not allow the language barrier hinder you from getting global recognition. You should look for ways to address this issue. Otherwise, you will lose tons of opportunities.

Regardless of your line of business, translation agencies will surely help you do business with clients from around the world. Bear in mind though that you should be careful when selecting a translation services firm. Keep on reading this post to know the factors to consider when in search for such companies.



Any business owner or business decision maker knows the importance of putting an emphasis on this factor. That said, you should also consider this factor when looking for language translators.

To give you an idea, the average cost of a document translation is around $23 per page. Of course, many things will come into play when determining the pricing. For this reason, it is advisable to ask for a free estimate from the firm to have a rough estimate of how much will it cost you. This is especially the case for those who plan to have hundreds of pages to get translated.


To ensure that you are dealing with a reliable firm, you should find out their reputation. Try to look for testimonials on their official site. If you do not see any, then you can search for websites that review these types of companies. Of course, you should avoid translation agencies with tons of negative feedbacks. See to it though that the comments left by the previous clients were made professionally.


entrepreneurApart from the firm knowing how to translate different languages, they should also know how to translate different business terms. This means that they should take a specialization on the industry that you belong to. For instance, if your business is in the medical field, then the agency must have a pool of experts specializing in translating documents pertinent to the medical field. If for example, you need a legal document to get translated, then the company must have someone who understands legal terms.

Turn Around Time

You should also put the turnaround time into consideration. See to it that the translation agency can stick to the schedule. Keep in mind that there is a significant chance that you will lose significant transactions if the firm fails to deliver the translated document on time. Hence, it is critical to ensure that the translation agency is efficient enough to deliver the documents to you in a timely manner. If a firm can translate at least four pages in 24 hours, then you can consider the firm to be fast.…

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