Things to Do Before Your Initial Podcast Episode

If you think you can entertain people with your gift of gab, having a podcast of your own can be the best way to use your talent. More and more people are into podcasting, and so far, there has been a nice reception from the listening public. This is because, aside from free entertainment, a podcast can be informative and educational as well.

When creating your own podcast program, it is important to know the things you need to start a podcast. Podcasting takes more than guts to be successful in your new endeavor. While you may have no problem with your communication skills, you need to prepare for many things. How will you let know that your podcast will be airing on this particular date? If you will be running a series, what will your topic be? Who are your target listeners, and do you think that your topic is interesting to them?

Indeed, it may be more difficult to stage the initial podcast than succeeding episodes, so you should be ready with the following.

Use Quality Podcasting Gear

Listeners will avoid podcasts with poor audio. When the sounds are creepy and squeaky, you may not be able to hear correctly. The entertainment value of a podcast can be diminished. To avoid this, you must invest in quality podcasting gear to will ensure the best audio. If you have a laptop already, that will save you from spending on one. You may have to buy a USB microphones. Using the built-in microphone of your laptop is not the best option for podcasting.

A laptop and a USB microphone are the basic equipment for podcasting, but you may need to have an audio interface or a mixer, headphones, amplifier, mic stands, and many more. You can make do with a laptop, USB microphone, and headphone at first. But having a complete podcasting gear will surely deliver the best results.

Plan Ways to Engage With Your Listeners

Your topic can be the best reason why people would like to listen to you. Prepare for the episode so that you will sound like you are an expert on the subject matter. Research and find ways to introduce your topic by coming up with a great title. It also pays if you engage with your listeners. Lead them to your website and other social media accounts and encourage them to make remarks. You can acknowledge them during your show.

Choose a Concept

Before launching your podcast, you have to choose the concept of your show. Will it be a story-telling show or an interview-type? You can choose from many genres. It can be historical, geographical, environmental, religious, or whatever that you are good at. You can also base the concept of your podcast on your target audience’s interests.…

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