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Essential Tips in Maintaining an Aquarium

According to Feng Shui practitioners, an aquarium in the home or in the office amplifies energy, which, in turn, attracts wealth and abundance. But whether we believe it or not, an aquarium is a home decoration that immensely contributes to the over-all appearance of the interior of a house while adding a certain serenity into the atmosphere. To pet lovers, maintaining an aquarium is a satisfying experience.

Many have tried to have an aquarium at their home but failed. This has something to do with lack of basic knowledge on how to maintain a fish tank and taking care of the fishes. Here’s how:

Select a Good Fish Tank

Better fish tanks are those that are bigger in size and those that are made out of acrylic. The bigger ones can accommodate more water, which means that more nutrients for your fishes and they are easier to clean. Compared to glass tanks, acrylic tanks are lighter in weight and are more durable.

Install Important Devices

A filter is a necessary component of your aquarium. It helps in maintaining the quality of the whole environment by serving as garbage bin in your aquarium while serving as breeding ground for good bacteria through an additional filter media.

When your aquarium is placed in an area of your home that does not have enough light, artificial lighting is essential to produce essential nutrients which will save your fishes from having deficiencies. A heater is also needed to stabilize temperature, which makes the environment healthier for your fishes.

Check on the Water

Water from your faucet may contain a large amount of chemicals that are not suited for your fishes. These include chlorine and phosphate. This makes well water a better alternative over tap water because it is not treated with chlorine or chloramine.

To make sure that such chemicals are removed from the water, water conditioners are used before the fishes are placed.

Choose Safe and Beneficial Decorations

Instead of gravel, put on sand as your aquarium’s substrate. In this way, choking of your fishes is eliminated. Place live plants instead of artificial plants, they help in providing an environment that mimics the natural habitat of your fishes.

Follow a Strict Maintenance Schedule

Above all, do not over feed your fishes and do not over crowd your aquarium. That is the golden rule in maintaining a successful aquarium.

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